Meet our business partners

Microsoft for Startups

Comprehensive global program designed to support startups as they build and scale their companies. Whether you're looking to build your first application, land your first customer or scale to a million users.
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Baires Dev

A software development company focusing on deliver innovative and effective solutions. Dedicated to help corporations stay ahead in this constantly evolving technological landscape. Read more about Baires Dev on the button below.

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Expose Cybercrime

Dedicated to raising awareness about cyber-crime providing information and resourcers to prevent it. Covers a wide range of topics related to cyber security including the latest threats and much more.
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Our Community Partners

Meet our community partners

Athena OS

Athena OS is an Arch Linux-based distro focused on Cybersecurity. Learn, practice and enjoy with any hacking tool.

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Parrot CTFs is a global hacking community that provides a platform for hackers to learn, practice, and compete. We are a team of hackers, pentesters, and security researchers that are passionate about teaching and learning. We are looking for partners that share our vision and want to help us grow our community.

Your support in spreading the word about our mission is critical to its success. By partnering with us, you will play an important role in helping us achieve our goal of reaching as many people as possible. Your network and influence will be instrumental in spreading our message and raising awareness about our cause. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a lasting change in the world.

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