Hacking News Room

Keep up to date with the latest the parrot ctfs hacking platform has to offer and when things are being released!

We are giving vouchers and academy coins to those who submit their writeups for our machines. We want to see how you solved our lab machines and provide resources for those having trouble solving the labs their selves.

Parrot CTFs now offers the ability to "gift subscriptions" with our new gift card implementation. This allows more people access to our ethical hacking platform. Have a birthday coming up? Is there a special event? Gifting subscriptions is perfect for this!

Parrot CTFs aims to support content creation by offering RSS feeds that provide users with up-to-date information on the latest challenges, events, and news related to CTFs. By subscribing to these RSS feeds, content creators can easily stay informed about new developments in the CTF community and use this information to produce relevant and engaging content for their audience. Parrot CTFs' RSS feeds can be integrated into various platforms and tools, allowing content creators to access the latest CTF-related content and stay on top of trends in the field.